As being a part of the Alibaba Cloud Community, I had an opportunity to have an interaction with James Fitzgerald, a Global Cloud Training Specialist at Alibaba Cloud. I would like to bring his impressions about my cloud journey.

In his short time learning and working with Cloud, Ranjith has many accomplishments. Coming from a modest background, Ranjith had a range of interests growing up including musical appreciation, yoga, graphic designing, and programming. In high school, he became a national yoga champion and through this taste of success, he was motivated to be the best in whatever endeavour he undertook. His interest in computers took him through the program at the Jeppiaar Institute of Technology and graduated with a Computer Science and Engineering major in 2017. While he was excited to get involved in the Indian tech industry, He felt his knowledge gets stagnant with his daily routine. So, he wanted to get deeper understanding of Big Data, Data science and Cloud technologies. When he found about the Alibaba Cloud and the MVP program, Ranjith began to dive deep into Big Data Analytics using Cloud Technologies and with this knowledge, He began to grow into a leader in the Cloud community.

Ranjith won a prize at a Data Artistry tournament in his training period which gives him the motivation to explore the world of Data Analytics. Although his educational background was focused on programming, he decided to get a deep understanding of data, and sharing this knowledge with others, was his true calling. He particularly wanted to ascertain more about Cloud Technologies, Big Data, Data Science and through self-learning using the online materials. His company directed him towards their business partner, Alibaba Cloud, to learn more.

Ranjith found the Alibaba Cloud Academy to be a great resource for learning about Cloud technologies especially for someone who is new to the cloud products. In 3 months, he was able to have a firm grasp on Alibaba Cloud products and regularly contributed to Alibaba Cloud. Ranjith became the biggest contributor for Alibaba Cloud connect and began establishing relationships with product teams as he began writing for the TechShare Program. At the same time, his contributions to the Alibaba cloud community worked, complimented his work as he was able to support Alibaba Cloud with product improvement. The connection made, between genuine interest and career development lead Ranjith to connect with the Alibaba Cloud MVP community.

Ranjith was very impressed by the community that was existing around Alibaba cloud experts and the benefits that resulted from the MVP program. Ranjith took his studies and writing even more seriously; spent over 10 hours a day on the Alibaba Cloud Products and Services, improving himself and sharing with the community. After formally becoming an MVP, Ranjith found he gained more respect from his team and his company management. Outside his company, many others have shown interest in working with Ranjith in both professional and non-professional capacities which continues to inspire him to learn more and help other Cloud users.

Ranjith uses cloud products from other cloud providers but makes the analogy of his first bike to Alibaba Cloud: there will be more bikes in the future, but nothing will bring satisfaction like riding the first one. Ranjith continues to push himself to learn more by planning to finish all three ACP courses by the end of December. He thanks Alibaba for advancing both his personal and professional life, we look forward to having more members like Ranjith in the Cloud community.

I am extremely thankful to James Fitzgerald for this wonderful write-up.